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Products & Ingredients

How can I find my product in my area?

Most of our products can be found by clicking here:

How can I be sure my product is prepared correctly in the Conventional oven?

Here are our best tips for success preparing product in a conventional oven:

  • Prepare product from frozen state unless otherwise noted on pack

  • Regularly calibrate your oven to ensure proper temperature

  • Be sure to preheat your oven to specified amount

  • Adjust film/lid as specified

  • Use baking sheet if specified and place baking sheet on center rack if suggested

  • Cook recommended time using a timer

  • Follow any stir/lid steps or heat adjustments if specified throughout the cooking process

  • Carefully remove product from oven after proper cooking time – Will be hot

  • Ensure product reaches appropriate internal temperature as stated on the package instructions

What causes ice crystals to form on top of the product?

Ice crystals occur naturally on frozen product. Excessive ice crystals (a snowy appearance) may result from fluctuations in storage temperature.

Why is the sodium level in your products so high?

We offer a variety of selections with a wide range of sodium levels to meet the desires of all of our consumers.

To learn more about Nestle and our sodium journey click here for our Creating Shared Value Report located at bottom of the page:

What is the difference between sodium and salt?

"Salt" usually refers to table salt, technically known as sodium chloride. Salt contains about 40% sodium and 60% chloride. "Sodium" refers to a specific mineral, which happens to be part of common table salt.

How much sodium is contained in a teaspoon of salt?

One teaspoon of salt contains 2,000 mg of sodium.

Why is the sodium level in your STOUFFER'S® Skillets so high?

We offer a variety of selections with a wide range of sodium levels to meet the desires of all of our consumers.

To learn more about Nestle and our sodium journey click here for our Creating Shared Value Report located at bottom of the page:

What are the round discs in your Skillets?

The round discs in our Skillets are our unique way of delivering our sauce for the product. These discs maintain the flavor and ensure the highest quality.

Packaging Questions

You changed your packaging. Why?

Over the years our menu has expanded to include both the classic recipes you know and love, plus new varieties for new experiences. Our new packaging creates distinct groups of dishes to make it easier for you to explore everything we offer.  From classics to more adventurous flavors, the STOUFFER’S®  menu has you covered!

What are the new segments and how would you describe them?

We’ve divided our menu into groups of dishes that satisfy whatever you’re in the mood for:

  • Classics: Warm familiar favorites that always hit the spot

  • Creative Comforts: Modern day classics that put a new twist on the comfort foods you love

  • Cooking Creations: Inspiring products that help you create dishes your family will love

  • Simply Crafted: Delicious family meals made with real, simple ingredients you feel good about

  • FIT KITCHEN® : Perfect balance of nutritious and delicious dishes designed for your active lifestyle

You’ve changed color-scheme on all of the packaging. How can I find my favorites?

Our new packages have a distinct color-scheme and design to represent each segment:

  • Classics: warm reds and rich brown tones, representing the comfort and warmth of generations of STOUFFER’S® dishes

  • Creative Comforts: light tan and bright purple with a more energetic and fun tone

  • Cooking Creations: light gray and pops of classic STOUFFER’S® red

  • Simply Crafted: earthy green and tan

  • FIT KITCHEN®: shades of gray and slate with punches of black and red


When can I find the new packaging in my store?

FIT KITCHEN® and Simply Crafted are already on store shelves now! Use the “Where to Buy” page to find a local retailer near you:

Many of the Classics and Creative Comforts varieties have started to hit store shelves in their new packaging, with more to come through 2018. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Have the recipes changed or only the packaging?

Our existing dishes are the same recipes that you know and love today. We haven’t changed anything about the delicious meal inside, it is just the exterior packaging that is getting a refresh. We hope you continue to enjoy your favorite meals and learn more about the brand through our packaging. Maybe you will even discover something new too!

Can the tray be reused?

The tray should not be reused. It was not designed as a permanent container.

Is the tray recyclable?

Plastic Trays: Check the bottom of plastic trays for a triangle with a number in it. That's the recycling code for the particular type of plastic used in the tray. You can check with your local recycling company to see if they accept that type of plastic.

Flexible pouches used for some STOUFFER'S® products are not considered recyclable due to their different layers of materials. This type of packaging is used to provide necessary barrier properties and properly protect the product.

Aluminum Trays: This package is recyclable where suitable recycling programs exist. Recycling programs for aluminum packaging may not exist in your area.

Paperboard: The paperboard outer carton is recyclable. However, the pressed paper trays are not recyclable. It contains a layer of flexible material that does not allow it to be recycled.


I prepared a pouch item in my microwave and the contents splatter all over the interior of my oven. Why?

It is necessary to completely penetrate the pouch as holes can re-seal themselves. It might be necessary to make slightly larger holes when piercing so this will not occur. Always follow the on-pack cooking instructions.



STOUFFER’S FIT KITCHEN is a line of satisfying, high protein meals you can feel good about eating. Each meal boasts 20 grams of protein or more within a delicious, contemporary recipe. The key to FIT KITCHEN meals is that they are prepared with a thoughtful combination of macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbs) that help you perform in your actively healthy lifestyle.

What are the varieties of STOUFFER’S FIT KITCHEN meals?

Visit the FIT KITCHEN page to explore all of our varieties

There’s a pie chart on the front of the package, what does that mean?

The pie chart shows the ratio of calories from protein, carbohydrates and fat in each STOUFFER’S FIT KITCHEN meal. The size of each piece of the pie is calculated using the number of calories per each of these macronutrients: Protein (4 calories per gram), Carbohydrates (4 calories per gram), and Fat (9 calories per gram). The chart is intended to show these are thoughtfully designed dishes.

Where does the meat (beef, chicken, turkey) come from that you use in STOUFFER’S FIT KITCHEN meals?

Most of the beef is sourced in the U.S., but at certain times of the year we also source from Canada, Australia and New Zealand. All meat and poultry in our products is processed in USDA inspected facilities and must pass U.S. food safety regulations (or their equivalents in Canada, Australia and New Zealand) prior to sale.

Do STOUFFER’S FIT KITCHEN meals have preservatives?

Freezing is a natural method of preservation, allowing us to minimize use of added preservatives. STOUFFER’S is on a journey to remove preservatives from many of our recipes.  We currently have over 60 recipes with no preservatives if you’re looking for other options.

How do I prepare STOUFFER’S FIT KITCHEN meals?

Cooking instructions can be found on the back of each package and also on the website. Click on each variety on the FIT KITCHEN page to see cooking instructions and more details about each variety:

Keep in mind that STOUFFER’S FIT KITCHEN meals are can only be prepared in the microwave oven!


STOUFFER’S FIT KITCHEN meals are available in the Single Serve Entrées freezer section of grocers alongside your other STOUFFER’S favorites.  Visit the “Where to Buy” page to find a grocer near you:

Why are FIT KITCHEN meals more expensive than other single-serve entrees?

STOUFFER’S strives to provide all of our delicious recipes at a fair price. Please keep in mind that more contemporary ingredients and higher levels of real protein are more expensive, just as you may experience in your own grocery shopping.

Preparation Questions

Is it safe to use the product, once thawed?

We do not recommend using any STOUFFER'S® product other than Party Size items if it is thawed. Party Size items may be thawed under refrigeration and prepared. See package for details.

My microwave does not have 50% power. What can I do to microwave your products properly?

50% power is synonymous with power level 5, medium, medium-low, and in some instances, defrost. However, if the microwave has only one setting, you can prepare the product on high for half the amount of time. If the product does not reach the recommended internal temperature stated on the package in that amount of time, continue cooking on high but check after a minute or so to keep it from overcooking.

Why can't I prepare your products in a toaster oven?

We do not recommend using a toaster oven due to the toaster oven's small size and proximity of the heating element to the container.

Why is my STOUFFER'S® pie boiling over?

Your STOUFFER'S® pie is boiling over because there is steam building up within the pie during the cooking process. We recommend using a utensil to further open the slit at the top of the crust before cooking. This should let some of the steam escape and stop the pie from boiling over.

Can I microwave my STOUFFER'S® French Bread Pizza?

You can partially cook your French bread pizza in the microwave and complete cooking in a conventional oven to maintain the crispy bread texture. See package for complete instructions.

Can I prepare your Skillets in a wok, a crockpot or in the oven?

Our Skillets were designed to be prepared in a stove top skillet or in the microwave, as specified on pack.

Can I prepare only one-half of a Skillets package?

Yes, but if you divide the product and do not prepare it all at once, there is a chance that there will be an uneven distribution of the ingredients.

Do I defrost or thaw your Skillets before preparing the package?

Our Skillets were designed to be prepared from a frozen state.

Am I able to cook my STOUFFER'S product in a convection oven?

While we understand some of our consumers require the use of a convection oven, unless otherwise indicated on the package, our test kitchen chefs have found that for the best results our products require the use of a conventional oven or microwave. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of a convection oven to cook Stouffer's products.

Miscellaneous Questions

When did STOUFFER'S® become part of Nestlé?

In 1973.

Do you have coupons available?

We occasionally offer cents-off coupons in local newspapers and through direct mailing programs. In addition, we suggest that you watch for special sales or promotions at your local grocery store.

What is the best way to view your website?

Our website is designed to be viewed with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or greater. For the best viewing experience, we recommend you use Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox version 4 or above.

STOUFFER’S® Dinner Club has ended

When did the program end?

STOUFFER’S® Dinner Club ended on 12/31/14.

Why did it end?

We regularly evaluate our programs to ensure the best consumer experience and, based on consumer feedback, we felt STOUFFER’S® Dinner Club was not providing the experience we had hoped for our loyal consumers. We are always looking to develop new and exciting programing for our valued consumers. Follow us on our social channels to keep up-to-date on what the brand is working on.

What does this mean for me?

You will no longer be able to enter and redeem points for rewards and sweepstakes.  At that time the program ended and all points have expired.

Will I be able to redeem my points?

No, you unfortunately will not be able to redeem your points for rewards and great sweepstakes.  All rewards are redeemable while supplies last.

Can my points be transferred to another program?

No, your points from STOUFFER’S® Dinner Club expired 12/31/14. Any remaining, unused points were forfeited at that time. STOUFFER’S® Dinner Club points were only valid for that particular loyalty program.

Will you just give me the cash value of the reward points I have?

Points are non-monetary, so cash cannot be given.

Why wasn’t I notified earlier that the program was ending?

We began to announce the program end date in July of 2014 and published in the official rules and on the website throughout the year.  We also made further attempts to provide this information through landing page banners, email notification and social media announcements.

Will I continue to receive email from STOUFFER’S now that the program has ended?

If you’ve opted in to receive communications from STOUFFER’S you will receive emails from the brand however, if you have opted in to STOUFFER’S Dinner Club only you will no longer receive email.

I still have not received my reward or my reward was damaged/incomplete, what are my options?

All rewards were disbursed late Dec 2014 and should have been received no later than end of March. The program has ended and we can no longer offer rewards (or replacements).