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Cheesy Corn Rice

This Cheesy Corn Rice is the perfect side dish that is both quick and delicious. The cheddar cheese ...

Cheesy Beef and Green Chile Rice

Cheesy Beef and Green Chile Rice is a super quick skillet meal that's perfect for those evenings whe...

Hot Oriental Chicken Salad

Easy to make and delicious.

Spinach Parmesan Rice

This Spinach Parmesan Rice dish is a natural fit with grilled chicken, beef or fish.

Cheesy One-Skillet Chicken and Rice

Easy and Cheesy! This One-Skillet Chicken and Rice combo is perfect for a quick evening meal.. Keep ...

Homestyle Chicken Wraps

Wrapped in a tortilla, this prize-winning combination makes a great meal for a crowd!

Chicken-and-Rice Florentine

For a delightful change of pace serve with a tossed salad. Your family and guests will be pleased.

Hot Chicken-and-Wild Rice Salad

For a quick meal serve with rolls or breads.