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Mexicali Macaroni and Crab Casserole

Take macaroni and cheese in a whole new direction with the addition of crabmeat to this rich variati...

Welsh Rarebit Crab Dip

Welsh Rarebit Crab Dip is extremely rich and will be a favorite with all those seafood lovers in you...

Savory Paella

The signature dish of the Spanish city of Valencia, paella brings together the most tender ri...

Crunchy Tuna Mac

Crushed potato chips add a crunch to this Crunchy Tuna Mac. It is a fun variation for macaroni and c...

Tuna Spinach Casserole

Tuna Spinach Casserole is a tuna casserole that everyone will surely love.

Easy Spinach Soufflé Oysters Rockefeller

The classic Oysters Rockefeller has never been easier to prepare. Let Stouffer's do the work for you...

Crab-Spinach Dip

For your next gathering try this delightful blend of flavors. It is sure to be a hit.

Crab Florentine Mushrooms

The next time you have a gathering, try this wonderful appetizer.

Fettuccine Salmon Alfredo

Pasta never tasted as good. You will want to make this recipe again and again.