For Family

STOUFFER'S® is Serving Up Good Times and Great Food

Alright, so you didn't cook dinner yourself. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy a delicious dinner experience, courtesy of STOUFFER'S! If you're having company over and don't have time to cook, STOUFFER'S Lasagna is the perfect solution. To dress up America's favorite lasagna, try baking it in your favorite casserole dish.

STOUFFER'S entrées are also a great solution for weeknight dinners with the family. Let STOUFFER'S take care of dinner while you take care of your family. If your kids received great grades at school or scored the winning goal, turn an easy STOUFFER'S meal into a celebration. Instead of sweating over a hot stove, heat up a STOUFFER'S entrée. While it's cooking, spend time helping your kids study for another A+ or re-enact that winning goal in the back yard. When the oven timer goes off, toast your little ones' accomplishments over everyone's favorite meal.

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