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What dinner at home means for your family

The Surprising Power of Dinner

How do on-the-go families rise above the chaos of everyday life? Studies show the secret is in dinner served at home. Read More →

Our Recipe

Dinner on Your Schedule

At STOUFFER'S®, we know dinner is the meal everyone looks forward to enjoying. But, dinnertime is also the busiest time of the day, too!

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Today's Activity

STOUFFER'S® and game night

At your next family dinner, why not try something different and enjoy your tasty STOUFFER'S entrée over a family game.

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Family Matters

Parents and kids give STOUFFER'S® a thumbs up

When STOUFFER'S® entrées are in the freezer, everyone in the family is happy.

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The teens who eat lots of dinners with their families tell us their parents have a lot of other things to be proud of, too.
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(Source: CASA)