About Us

When you start with the best ingredients, you get the best food. Stouffer's® Made For You To Love™.

The STOUFFER'S® brand name of Nestlé Prepared Foods has been synonymous with quality since the 1920s, when the Stouffer family first entered the food business. Their story began in 1922 when Abraham and Mahala Stouffer opened a small coffee shop in Cleveland, Ohio, featuring wholesome buttermilk, fresh-brewed coffee, three types of sandwiches and Mrs. Stouffer's own deep-dish Dutch apple pie. The modest enterprise was an immediate success, prompting the couple's sons, Vernon and Gordon, to join the business and develop what became a national chain of restaurants.

A New Course: Frozen Foods

When the Stouffers opened their first suburban restaurant in the Shaker Square area of Cleveland, customers living nearby began requesting menu items to take home. The demand became so great that Vernon Stouffer started freezing popular items and selling them at an adjacent retail outlet, called the 227 Club. Suddenly, the Stouffer family was in the frozen food business, which ultimately led to the founding of what was then known as Stouffer Foods Corporation in 1954.

STOUFFER'S® premium-quality frozen entrees suited America's changing lifestyles well. More and more women were working outside the home, and the increasing number of one- and two-member households created a great need for appetizing convenience foods. Frozen entrees and side dishes based on recipes for favorite menu items, many going back to Mrs. Stouffer's original file and perfected in Stouffer's restaurants, were joined by new products reflecting taste trends.

The Stouffer family vision of providing home style cooking with a "clean, fresh taste" continues to thrive today. Living up to Mrs. Stouffer's high quality expectations, STOUFFER'S® entrees continue to be the choice for millions each year. With STOUFFER'S® Macaroni and Cheese, whose heritage recipe is rooted in Abraham Stouffer's dairy expertise, or the many great STOUFFER'S® recipes which found their way on to Stouffer's restaurant menus, STOUFFER'S® continues to bring families together around a table of delicious food.